MyCase (Access your case online)

A MyCase account is not required to attend a hearing.

We have created an easy guide to help walk you through how to participate in a remote court hearing.

Go to the Juvenile MyCase page.

What is MyCase?

MyCase is a Utah State Courts online system. With MyCase you can:

  • View your case history: See a record of everything that has happened in your case
  • Access filed papers: Review documents filed in your case
  • Pay fines and fees: Conveniently make payments for your case

There is no fee to use any of these features in MyCase.

MyCase is different from the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) system. Even if you have an account with DWS, you need to create an account to access your Utah State Court cases.

Working on a traffic ticket or criminal case?

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Chose one of the options below to learn more about MyCase

MyCase is available for almost every type of case. Only these types of cases are not available in MyCase:

  • Involuntary commitment
  • Essential treatment
  • Gestational agreement

You can access open and closed cases and cases in district and justice courts. 

MyCase is only for parties to a case.

A party is someone suing or being sued. This is usually the petitioner or plaintiff and the respondent or defendant. You can view cases where you are a party.

If you are a....
Then you can...

Business trying to access a case that is not a part of online dispute resolution    

Ask your lawyer for details about your case or use Xchange

Interested person (a person who has the right to be notified of filings) in a probate case

Ask the petitioner for for details about your case or use Xchange

Lawyer or Licensed Paralegal Practitioner

Use your eFiling provider for parties you represent, or use Xchange


Use Xchange

Victim in a criminal case

Ask for for details about the case from the prosecutor in your case, your victim advocate, or use Xchange

Visit the MyCase login page and click "Create a new MyCase account" to sign up. You will need:

  • an email address
  • your case number, and
  • your government issued ID (if you have a non-Utah ID, please email with a picture of your ID and your case number - you can also email them to ask for a secure link to send your ID)

The system will email you instructions. Look for an email from The subject line will say “Utah Courts - MyCase Registration.”

Not seing it? Check your spam folder.

Common issues with creating your account

  • Your name does not match
    • Look at your court papers and make sure your name is entered correctly
    • Try leaving out your middle name
  • Court location is wrong
    • Look at your court papers to see if your case is in a district court or a justice court
    • If your case is in the Third District Court, choose Salt Lake City
    • If your case is in a justice court, look for a location that ends with the words "justice court"
    • If your case is in a district court, your location will NOT end with the words "justice court"

If you have a non-Utah ID or have other problems creating an account, email Be sure to include:

  1. your case number 
  2. the email address you want to use for your account
  3. a picture of your ID. If you do not want to send your ID via email, you can ask for a secure link

Electronic filing is only available for specific cases:

  • Debt Collection
  • Eviction
  • Small Claims cases that are using online dispute resolution

If you do not have one of these cases, you cannot file through MyCase right now. See our page on Filing Procedures for help on how to file. 

How to file in MyCase

  1. Look under eDocument Preparation when you click File an eDocument
  2. Follow the instructions to file
  3. Serve your papers on the other parties in your case. See Service of Other Papers for more information
  4. View the home screen and look to confirm that your document was submitted
  5. When you file your papers in MyCase they are submitted. Court staff accept must still accept them
  6. Court staff review your papers. If they accept them, they are filed. If court staff accept your papers a day after you submit them, your papers will still be considered filed on the date you submitted them

Returned papers

  • If your papers are returned, check the reason under eDocument Preparation
  • Look for “Revisions Needed” and click the red exclamation mark
  • Make the needed changes before resubmitting
  • Your resubmitted papers will be considered filed on the date you resubmit them

Changing papers after you have filed them
When you file papers in MyCase, you cannot remove them. If you need to make corrections to a document you filed then you can file an amended pleading. Read Utah Rule of Civil Procedure 15 for guidance.

While you can sign up for email notifications, remember to check US mail and email for all case updates. Other parties in your case must serve you papers by US mail or email

You can ask to have all of your district and justice court cases linked to your MyCase account. Click My Profile. It could take a few days to process your request. 

View your linked cases by clicking on the case number drop down menu