Deferred Traffic Prosecution

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What is Deferred Traffic Prosecution?

  • If you get a ticket, Deferred Traffic Prosecution can keep points off of your driving record
  • If you qualify, you pay a fine like a normal ticket. Depending on your record, you might also have to take traffic school online and pay for that. Then the charge gets dismissed if you have a clean record for 1 year

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  1. Make sure at least 5 days have passed from when you received your citation. If you try before this, your case might not be in the court's system yet
  2. ​Make a MyCase account - it checks your eligibility
    • Note: MyCase only works with these browsers:
      • Chrome
      • Edge
      • Firefox
      • Safari
  3. Register for Deferred Traffic Prosecution - register within 21 days of when you got your citation
    Follow these Registration Steps
  4. Plead "no contest" to the ticket. This means you do not want to fight it
  5. Pay a $5 registration fee plus your fine. Pay now or within 14 days 
  6. If required, you might also have to pay a $40 fee for online traffic school and attend class online within 28 days
  7. Get no new tickets for a year
If you finish:If you get a new ticket within 1 year:
  • After 1 year, we take back the "no contest" plea 
  • Your case goes away. It is dismissed
  • You do not get your money back
  • Your "no contest" is automatically on your driving record 
  • You cannot go to court about it
  • Your case is closed. There is no other penalty
  • You do not get your money back

Log into MyCase to find out if your traffic citation is eligible.

To qualify you must:

  • Apply within 21 days of receiving your citation 
  • Be 21 or older
  • Have a valid Utah driver's license (commercial licenses are not eligible)
  • Have no more than one:
    • traffic infraction conviction in the last 24 months 
    • citation that was for 2 or more moving traffic violations from the same incident
    • infraction for involvement in an accident - but the accident cannot result in serious bodily injury
    • citation for speeding between 20 and 30 miles per hour over the speed limit - but you cannot have been speeding more than double the speed limit
  • Not have a conviction for a felony traffic violation or traffic violation within the last 24 months - a traffic violation includes convictions: 
  • Not be charged with 3 or more moving traffic infractions related to the same episode
  • Not be charged with multiple traffic violations related to the same episode if any of the offenses is a misdemeanor or felony traffic violation

Utah Code 77-2-4.2

You can still:

  • Pay the ticket. This means you admit the charge. See our page on Traffic Offenses
  • Go to court on your court date and:
    • try to lower the fine
    • go to trial

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This guide walks you through each step in the Traffic School Deferred Prosecution process.