Deferred Traffic Prosecution

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What is Deferred Traffic Prosecution?

  • If you get a ticket, Deferred Traffic Prosecution can keep points off of your driving record
  • If you qualify, you pay a fine like a normal ticket. But the charge gets dismissed if you have a clean record for 1 year

Choose one of the options below to learn more about Deferred Traffic Prosecution

  1. ​Make a MyCase account - it checks your eligiblity
    • Note: MyCase only works with these browsers:
      • Chrome
      • Edge
      • Firefox
      • Safari
  2. Register for Deferred Traffic Prosecution
    Follow these Registration Steps
  3. Plead "no contest" to the ticket. This means you do not want to fight it
  4. Pay a registration fee plus your fine. Pay now or within two weeks 
  5. Get no new tickets for a year
If you finish:If you get a new ticket within 1 year:
  • After 1 year, we take back the "no contst" plea 
  • Your case goes away. It is dismissed
  • You do not get your money back
  • Your "no contest" is automatically on your driving record 
  • You cannot go to court about it
  • Your case is closed. There is no other penalty
  • You do not get your money back

Log into MyCase to find out if your traffic citation is eligible.

You qualify if you:

  • Were going less than 21 miles per hour over the speed limit
  • Got an eligible citation within the last 21 days
    • An eligible citation:
      • is for a moving violation under Utah Code Title 41, Chapter 6a or a local traffic ordinance that is an infraction
      • does not involve a traffic accident
      • is only for 1 charge
  • Are 21 or older
  • Have a valid Utah driver's license (commercial licenses are not eligible)
  • Have no traffic convictions for any of the following within the last 24 months: 
  • Only have charges for moving violations 
  • Are not already participating in Deferred Traffic Prosecution

Utah Code 77-2-4.2

You can still:

  • Pay the ticket. This means you admit the charge. See our page on Traffic Offenses
  • Go to court on your court date and:
    • try to lower the fine
    • go to trial

This happens when you start signing up but do not finish. Here is how to fix it:

  1. Log into MyCase
  2. Scroll down to "eDocument Preparation"
  3. Click the draft "Application"
  4. Finish the questions