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Requesting Court Records

Anyone can ask to see public court records. Only certain people can see non-public records. Confused by these terms? Visit our page on non-public records.

Are you looking for an adoption record? See our page on Opening a Court Adoption Record.

To request records not related to adoption, submit a Request for Court Record form. What happens next depends on what you asked for. 

  • If you asked for non-public records, the court will review your request. If your request is denied the court will send you information about your options

  • If your request requires staff time the court will contact you to set up payment arrangements

    • If you asked for a fee waiver, the court will make a decision on your fee waiver and send you more information

The court will respond to the request as soon as possible. Usually, you will receive a response within 10 business days.

Utah Code of Judicial Administration 4-202.06


What are the costs? 

The fee depends on the records you request.

  • Paper copies are $0.25 per sheet

  • Electronic storage media other than of court hearings is $15 per unit (like a CD or USB device)

  • Electronic copies of audio or video records of court proceedings are $15 for each one-half day of testimony

  • Mail costs however much it costs the courts to send you the records

  • Fax or email is $5 for 10 pages or less and then $0.50 per page. The court will not fax or email records available on Xchange

In addition to paying the cost of the records, you might also have to pay for court staff time to prepare your records. You get 15 minutes of time for free. After that:

  • Clerks cost $15 per hour

  • Judicial assistants cost $21.20 per hour

  • Service desk technicians cost $28.70 per hour

  • Data analysts cost $45 per hour

  • Managers cost $37 per hour

  • Programmers cost $100 per hour

  • Consultants will cost what they bill

The court will use the cheapest possible staff.

Utah Code of Judicial Administration 4-202.08

How do I submit a GRAMA request to the courts?

You can submit a Request for Court Record form and the courts will follow a process similar to the process in the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA).