Court Publications

Accounting Manual
Access the Courts' Accounting Manual online.

Annual Report to the Community

Appellate Court Opinions
Court Opinions from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.

Basic Guidelines for Court Appointed Guardians and Conservators
In order to be appointed as a guardian or conservator, you must teach yourself about the responsibilities of the position.

Commission on Racial and Ethnic Fairness
This documents the continuing work and accomplishments of the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice System. It tracks the implementation of the Task Force recommendations and suggests new directions to increase access and fairness.

Court Performance Measures

In 2004, the Utah Judicial Council began implementing a court performance measurement system developed by the National Center for State Courts. This system is designed to help courts identify and monitor important performance measures and to make improvements to better serve the needs of the public.

Court Brochures
Here you will find brochures produced by the Utah State Courts on a variety of information.

Court Fine Schedule

Court Reports
Reports of the judiciary.

Court Statistics
Fiscal year caseload summaries.

Guide to the Courts (Guía a los Tribunales) - PDF Document PDF | PDF Document PDF (Español)

Judicial Ethics Opinions
View judicial ethics opinions: Code of Judicial Conduct, Code of Judicial Conduct Annotated, Judicial Decisions

Utah Judicial Facility Design Standards
Guidelines to promote the creation of facilities that support effective and efficient Court operations. All Judicial facility planning and design will reflect the organizational, operational and facility management goals of the Utah Judicial System.

Model Utah Jury Instructions

Public Notices
A list of notices required by law or court order to be published.

Public Safety Assessment

Requests for Proposals

Shared Master Offense Table (SMOT)
This table contains all active state, county, and municipal offense codes. The Utah Prosecution Council, Administrative Office of the Courts, Driver License Division, and Bureau of Criminal Identification all contribute to the Shared Master Offense Table (SMOT).

State of the Judiciary