Guardianship and Conservatorship Pre-appointment Tests

Test for Appointment

In order to be appointed as a guardian or conservator, you must teach yourself about the responsibilities of a guardian or conservator and tell the court you understand those responsibilities. Here's how you do that.

  1. First, read Basic Guidelines for Court-Appointed Guardians and Conservators.
  2. Then, take the appropriate examination below to make sure that you have understood the Guidelines.
  3. Finally, print out the Declaration of Completion of Testing, sign it and file it with the court.

The exam is designed to help you understand your duties and powers. If you answer a question incorrectly, please read the correct answer and refer back to the Guidelines for more information.

There are different exams for guardians and conservators. To find the right exam, select the description that applies to you. Be sure to complete the Declaration of Completion of Testing at the end of the exam and file it with the court so the appointment process can proceed.


Guardian/Conservator Exams


Take the appropriate exam below and fill out the Declaration of Completion of Testing:

  • Guardian Who is Also a Conservator - PDF
  • Guardian with Separate Conservator - PDF
    (somebody else will be the conservator)
  • Guardian with No Conservator - PDF
    (there will be no conservator)
  • Conservator only - PDF
  • Declaration of Completion of Testing - PDF