Wireless Access in the Courts

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This page provides information on accessing the court's guest Wi-Fi. We provide guest Wi-Fi at most District and Juvenile court locations as a courtesy, but it is not guaranteed that it will be available.

Network Name and Details

The court's network name is courtsguest

For instructions to access the courtsguest network, please go to our Court Guest WiFi Instructions webpage.


Restrictions on Use

Please note that some content may be blocked, and bandwidth is limited for streaming audio and video. You will be required to agree to the following Wireless Internet Usage Policy.


Wireless Internet Usage Policy

Utah State Courts offers wireless access to the Internet for users with their own laptops or PDAs. Utah State Courts recognizes the privacy of the user and does not monitor the information or sites accessed by users.

Security in an electronic environment such as the Internet cannot be guaranteed and users are warned that all transactions and communications are vulnerable to unauthorized use. Utah State Courts assumes no responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, arising from users' use of particular sites.

Utah State Courts has no control over information available through the Internet and assumes no responsibility for the content, availability or accuracy of information provided by other agencies or institutions.

Users must be sensitive to the values and beliefs of others when displaying potentially controversial information or images on computer screens located in public areas. Some websites or material may be blocked due to content.

All users are expected to use the Utah State Courts Wireless Service in a responsible and courteous way. By using this wireless service, you agree to this Wireless Internet Usage Policy.