Subscribing to Xchange and Xchange Fees

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Subscribing to Xchange

Users are charged a fee to cover the costs of providing the Xchange service.

Xchange has three options in which you can use the service:

  • A One-Time Use account will charge the user $5.00 for an initial fee, with searches charged at $0.20 (twenty cents) each and documents at $0.50 (fifty cents) each. These charges will be credited from the initial $5.00 fee. If the user doesn't use all of the $5.00 fee, then they can create an account and return at a later time to use any remaining credits. 
  • A Guest account will charge the same as the One-Time Use account, but no account will be created and any remaining credits from the initial $5.00 fee will be forfeited. 
  • A Monthly Subscription account will require that the user subscribe to the service and set up automatic payments. A Monthly Subscription account will charge the user $25.00 for the initial set up, and then $40.00 for every month that the subscription lasts. This fee covers 500 searches for free, and documents at $0.50 (fifty cents) each. After 500 searches in a month, the cost of a search is $0.15 (fifteen cents) each until the next billing cycle starts.


One-Time Use Accounts and Guest Accounts

If you want to access Xchange as a one-time user or as a guest, please click on the "Login to Xchange" button and follow the prompts.

Login to Xchange


Xchange Subscription

If you want a subscription to Xchange, email a completed Xchange Subscription Agreement to the Administrative Office of the Courts at After approving and setting up the account, we will reply via email with login and payment instructions (usually within 48 business hours).

  • Xchange Subscription Agreement -  PDF |  Word

There is an initial fee of $25.00 that is required to establish the account. The subscription fee for each month is $40.00 for up to 500 searches. After 500 searches in a month, the cost of a search is $0.15/search until the next billing cycle starts on the first of the next month. A search is defined as each time the user searches by a specific parameter, such as name, case number or other criteria. Documents are available in some cases. The cost of accessing a document is $0.50. See UCJA Rule 4-202.08.

If you are a governmental user within the state of Utah required by law to obtain court records, you may email a written request for a waiver of fees on government letterhead along with a completed agreement to the Administrative Office of the Courts at You must include: 1) your government agency identification, 2) your purpose for using Xchange, 3) a statement that the Xchange account will only be used for the intended purposes and 4) a completed agreement. The AOC reserves the right to limit the number of accounts in individual agencies.

If you are a prosecutor who needs to subscribe to Xchange for the purpose of accessing the Clean Slate expungement portal, please check with your office to see if a subscription already exists. If your office is already subscribed to Xchange, you will need to send an email to to get access to the portal, with the words "Expungement Portal" in the title of the email. If you don't have a subscription, please follow the instructions for government subscriptions to set up your account.

If you are under contract for public defender services by an entity of the state of Utah, you may qualify for a fee-waived account. This account may only be used for searches performed in connection with your duties as a public defender. These accounts must be renewed annually. To request a public defender account email a written request for a waiver of fees, a copy of your current public defender contract, and a completed subscription agreement to:

Governmental users outside the state of Utah are subject to the Xchange fees described in UCJA Rule 4-202.08.


Unsubscribing from Xchange

You may unsubscribe from Xchange at any time by emailing a subscription discontinuation request to Suspended accounts will be subject to a $25.00 set up fee upon re-activation.