Juvenile Court MyCase (Access your case online)

What is Juvenile MyCase?

Juvenile MyCase is an online system where you can access your Juvenile Court case information. There is no cost to use this service.

To log in, you will need your court case number and a court issued PIN number. To obtain a PIN number, visit or call your local juvenile court or contact the juvenile court probation officer assigned to the case. Your court location and probation officer information can be found HERE.

You can use Juvenile MyCase to:

  • See your case history (a record of what has happened in your case)
  • Pay fines, fees, and restitution
  • View other obligations
  • View upcoming hearings
  • Join virtual hearings

Juvenile MyCase is a separate platform from the one used in District/Justice courts. We're currently developing its features. While we aim to provide document access through Juvenile MyCase in the future, this option is not yet available. For now, please contact the court directly to access any documents. We appreciate your patience as we improve the system.


Who can use Juvenile MyCase?

Juvenile MyCase is only for parents/guardians and minors involved in Juvenile Court. Each individual will be provided a unique pin number to access their case.  When contacting the court, please specify who will be using Juvenile MyCase so that a unique pin may be generated. Juvenile MyCase is NOT for:

  • Businesses
  • Lawyers – they should use CARE to access case information.
  • Victims
  • Foster parents
  • Other relatives