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Qualify Online

I Received a Qualification Letter

I received a qualification form. What do I do now?

You received a form that you are required to complete and return. Based on your answers, the court will decide whether you qualify for jury service. We encourage you to qualify online. It's simple to do. Or you may return the completed form by fax or mail to the address printed on the form.

No one is exempt from jury service. You may ask to be excused, either temporarily or permanently, because of undue hardship, public necessity, or because you are incapable of jury service. If you think you need to be excused, do not hesitate to complete that section of the form and explain your request. You may be asked for documentation to support your request.

You may also request that your jury service fit your schedule. There are limits, however, and the clerks may not be able to meet every scheduling request.

If you need to arrange for accommodations of a disability, contact the clerk before coming to court.