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The law library is a selective federal depository library, and everyone is welcome to use our collection.

We receive about 5% of the materials distributed by the federal government, with an emphasis on primary legal materials including federal statutes, regulations and court and agency decisions.

Examples of materials we get through this program include:

Search the law library catalog to see if we have a particular title.

The full FDLP Basic Collection provides access to sources that inform us on the activities of the Federal Government.

Use our document delivery service to request a copy of something from our collection.

By state law, only specific groups of state government employees may check out materials from the law library. All others are welcome to use materials in the library.



Find federal government information on govinfo.

Additional resources are available on the GPO Partnerships page.


Utah Government Publications

The law library receives the official publications of the Utah Legislature including House and Senate Journals and the Laws of Utah. Coverage dates back to territorial times.

Utah Government Digital Library provides permanent public access to digitally-created Utah government publications. This site also archives information from Utah government websites.


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