About the Utah State Law Library

The State Law Library is open to the public. Our hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except federal and state holidays.

  • Patrons are welcome to:
    • use the library's computers to access XChange, OCAP and forms on the court's website;
    • access our print collection (briefs, superseded Utah code, and other materials);
    • use the library's copier and scanner.

Library staff are also available to help by phone and email.


Patrons can access XChange at many district court locations. Call ahead to verify that a specific courthouse has XChange access.

The Utah State Law Library serves the legal information needs of Utah's courts, executive agencies, legislature, attorneys, and the public. While our collection is located in Salt Lake City, library services are available to everyone.


Legal Research and Advice Policy

Court employees are prohibited from giving legal advice. Advising people what the law is and how it applies to their situation is practicing law, which is what lawyers do.

Library staff are able to help you use the library, but we cannot research or interpret the law for you.

See the court's Finding Legal Help page for information about sources of legal help.

Law Library Staff Can:
      Law Library Staff Cannot:
        • Explain how to use legal resources
        • Help you locate a particular statute or case when you have a specific reference or citation
        • Direct you to sources of law, including statutes and cases
        • Direct you to form books, court rules, and books about the law
        • Recommend sources to start your research
        • Direct you to materials for your school assignment
        • Refer you to agencies
        • Interpret the meaning of statutes, cases or regulations
        • Choose statutes, cases or regulations for your situation
        • Choose specific forms or language to use in forms
        • Tell you how to file a document, what document to file, or how to proceed with court actions
        • Give opinions on legal matters

        Computer Use Policy

        The Utah State Law Library provides public computers to access court, government, and legal resources on the Internet.

        • You may use our computers for court, government, or law-related research.
        • You may save files to a flash drive or email documents to yourself at no charge.
        • If others are waiting we will impose a 30 minute limit on XChange users, and a two hour limit on all other users.

        Checkout Policy

        By state law, only specific groups of state government employees may check out materials from the law library. All others are welcome to use materials in the library.


        History of the Library

        Territorial History

        The Utah State Law Library has existed in some form since the Utah Territory was established. In fact, Congress appropriated $5000 for the library in the same enabling act that created the territory.

        It took a couple of years for the collection to be purchased, and in 1852 the territorial legislature created the position of territorial librarian, with an annual salary of $400 and $150 for contingent expenses.

        In 1890 the legislature broke up the library's collection, directing books "more useful to the University library" be given to the University of Deseret (today's University of Utah). Only the law-related books remained in the collection.

        Utah State Library

        When Utah became a state in 1896 the Territorial Library became the State Library.

        Utah State Law Library

        In 1957 the legislature changed the name of the library from the State Library to the State Law Library, and established a new, separate State Library.


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