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Private Attorney Guardian ad Litem Online Application and Training Program

This application and training program is for Utah attorneys who are applying to become eligible as Private Attorney Guardians ad Litem (PGAL) to represent children in district court cases pursuant to UCA Sec. 78A-2-705 and to receive case-assignments from the Utah Office of Guardian ad Litem (the "Office"). Because children are involved, it is necessary for the Office to screen applicants who demonstrate the requisite ability and proficiency to represent them in District court proceedings.

First, print and fill out the application form. While completing the form, take note of the items that must be completed beyond the online training and items to be submitted separately to the Office. Second, complete the online training modules and print out each of the accompanying quiz certificates (you should have four in total). When you have completed these requirements, mail in your application and quiz certificates to the address listed on the Application Packet. After the application has been initially reviewed and the completion of the online training has been confirmed by the Office, you will be notified by way of email of any remaining items to be completed.

The online training consists of four training sections, each having certain PDF documents to read and study. At the end of each section, there will be an accompanying multiple-choice quiz (10 questions for each section). Each section takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour to complete (reading and quiz). You must pass with a perfect score in order to complete the online training. You will be able to see if any answers are incorrect at the end of each quiz. You will be able to refer back to the reading materials to look for the information needed to correct the answer.You will then be able to retake the quiz. One hour of self-study CLE has been approved by the Utah State Bar for each section. You must submit each certificate to the Office of Guardian ad Litem in order to receive CLE credit.

If you have any questions or problems with the online application or training process, please contact the Office at kathrynlm@utcourts.gov or (801) 578-3902. Thank you for your interest in representing children in District Court!

Online Training

Attention! Note: Training Quizes must be completed using Internet Explorer or Safari as your web browser, otherwise you may not be able to print your certificates of completion.

Section A

This section focuses on the role and duties of the PGAL as defined by law, as well as the process for the appointment and assignment of cases.

Section A Resources:

Section B

This section focuses on how children can be affected by parental abuse, violence, and conflict, and what actions may be taken by the PGAL for the benefit of the child client.

Section B Resources:
  • Nuturing Children - PDF Document PDF
  • Abuse of Children - PDF Document PDF
  • Brochure - Children in Domestic Violence - PDF Document PDF
  • Chapter 2: Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Child Abuse and Neglect - PDF Document PDF
  • 78B-7-202 (Effective 07/01/13). Petition -- Ex parte determination -- Guardian ad litem -- Referral to division. - PDF Document PDF
  • 30-3-5.2 (Effective 07/01/13). Allegations of child abuse or child sexual abuse -- Investigation. - PDF Document PDF
  • 62A-4a-403. Reporting requirements. - PDF Document PDF
  • Rule 4-509. Court-appointed parent coordinator. - PDF Document PDF
  • Rule 4-903. Uniform custody evaluations. - PDF Document PDF
  • Dear Judge - PDF Document PDF

Section C

This section focuses on the age and developmental aspects of how children deal with their parent's separation and/or conflict.

Section C Resources:
  • Child Development and Parents Who Do Not Live Together - PDF Document PDF

Section D

This section focuses on the factors to be considered when determining and presenting evidence about the best interests of the child.

Section D Resources:

Additional Trainings

What's Going on with this Family?!

  • Effective Therapy for Parents and Children in Custody Cases - Video File Video and Quiz
  • Effective Therapy for Parents and Children in Custody Cases Handout - PDF Document PDF

Additional Forms and Pleadings

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