Accessing Expunged Records

Generally, no one can view information about an expunged case. But there is an exception. If you were a petitioner or plaintiff or a respondent or defendant in an expunged case, you can still get a copy of the case history and the expungement order.

You can fill out the Request for Case History and Expungement Order (PDF Word) and present it to the court where your case was filed. You will need:

  • to prove to the court that you are who you say you are (usually this means you will need to show government-issued identification)
  • your case number

If you don’t have these things the court cannot give you a copy of your case history or expungement order. See our Finding Legal Help page for information on how to get legal help.

This process works for any expunged case, including:

CJA 4-202.03