Notice of Pronouns

You can tell the court and the other parties in your case what your pronouns and honorifics are by filing a Notice of Pronouns form (available below) in your case. This form tells the court and all parties how you would like them to refer to you.

This form does not legally change your sex or gender marker (there is a separate process for that - see our Petition for sex change page). The form is not binding. It just tells everyone involved in your case what your pronouns are when you are at a court hearing or are talking with the other parties in your case. You can file the document in your case and have it served on all parties to your case under URCP 5. See our page on serving papers for more information.

Please bring a copy of the completed form with you to each hearing and give it to the court clerk or bailiff. If you are appearing remotely, when you type your name in Webex, please add your pronouns after your name. Example: John Doe (he/him). When you talk with the court, please also tell the court that you filed the form.



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