Performance Measures

Juvenile Court Report Card to the Community

When citizens are asked what they would like the juvenile justice system to accomplish, the message is clear. Citizens expect the justice system to further community safety, hold offenders accountable, and protect the constitutional rights of juveniles, while at the same time providing justice to victims. They also expect that juvenile offenders will stop criminal behavior and become responsible and productive citizens.

Taxpayers invest significant resources in the justice system and should expect a sound return on this investment. The purpose of this report card is to provide taxpayers with an update on how Utah's juvenile justice system is performing. The Juvenile Court has established benchmarks, which are listed in this report, to inform the community on its progress in furthering safety, restoring justice for victims, and reducing the risk of re-offending.

The Juvenile Court can and should be held accountable for its performance on these measures. The highest level of public safety, however, is achieved not only through the sound use of tax dollars, but through public involvement. Working together we can build a safer and more just community.