Second District Juvenile Court Work Crew Program

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Work Crew Information

165 20th Street
Ogden, UT 84401

The work crew program provides a place where juveniles who owe community service hours or restitution can work off their hours in a safe and supervised environment. The work crew program works closely with multiple agencies and organizations throughout Davis and Weber county. We participate in projects that benefit the community while holding youth accountable for the harm they have done to their community and their victims.

The hours are the responsibility of the juvenile and work crew should be treated like a job. Before attending work crew, a parent or guardian and youth must attend an orientation. This orientation will ensure that each juvenile is aware of the rules and expectations during work crew.


Who to Contact

Jennifer Moore
Probation Officer Supervisor
Phone: 801-334-4715

Amy Muti
Chief Probation Officer
Phone: 801-334-4720


Work Crew Forms