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Court of Appeals
JUDGE MARY KATE APPLEBY - Judge Mary Kate Appleby is an Active Senior Judge. She was appointment to the Utah Court of Appeals in September 2014 by Gov. Gary R. Herbert. Prior to Judge Appleby's appointment, she was a Third District Court Judge for nearly eight years. Judge Appleby graduated from the University of Maryland in 1991, served as a judicial law clerk with the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, then joined the Maryland Public Defender's Office. She was an associate with the Salt Lake City law firm Anderson & Karrenberg from 1993 until 1996, when she became employed by the Office of Professional Conduct. Judge Appleby was the managing editor of the University of Maryland Law Review, the managing editor, then editor-in-chief of Voir Dire, and a member of the Executive Committee of the Utah Bar Journal. She was a member of the Board of District Court Judges and of the Grand Jury panel of judges, as well as the Utah Supreme Court`s Advisory Committee on the Rules of Civil Procedure. Judge Appleby served as a member of the Judicial Council. She is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, a Convener of Dividing the Waters, a network offering resources for judges resolving water law conflicts, and an adjunct professor with the S.J. Quinney College of Law. Updated 04/04/23