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Filing/Record Fees (Court Filing, Transcript, & Record Fees)

Utah Code Annotated §78A-2-301; Filing Fees Effective May 12, 2009

Utah Code Annotated §78A-2-301. Civil fees of the courts of record -- Courts complex design.

Type of Filing, Action, or Service



Original complaint not otherwise governed by another subsection (1)(a) 360.00

Civil Complaint or Interpleader

$2,000 or less (1)(b)(i) 75.00
Greater than $2,000 and less than $10,000 (1)(b)(ii) 185.00
$10,000 or more (1)(b)(iii) 360.00
Divorce or Separate Maintenance (1)(b)(iv) 310.00
Motion for Temporary Separation Order (1)(b)(v) 35.00
Petition for Removal from the Sex Offender and Kidnap Offender Registry (1)(b)(vi) 125.00
Guardianship of an Adult Disabled Child (1)(b)(vii) 35.00

Motion to Renew Civil Judgment

$2,000 or less (1)(l) 37.50
Greater than $2,000 and less than $10,000 (1)(l) 92.50
$10,000 or more (1)(l) 180.00

Counterclaim, Cross Claim, Third Party Claim, Complaint in Intervention

$2,000 or less (1)(d)(i) 55.00
Greater than $2,000 and less than $10,000 (1)(d)(ii) 150.00
$10,000 or more or the party seeks relief other than monetary damages (1)(d)(iii) 155.00
Divorce or separate maintenance (1)(d)(iv) 115.00

Small Claims

$2,000 or less (1)(c)(i) 60.00
Greater than $2,000 and less than $7,500 (1)(c)(ii) 100.00
Greater than $7,500 and less than $11,000 (1)(c)(iii) 185.00

Small Claims Counter Affidavit

$2,000 or less (1)(e)(i) 50.00
Greater than $2,000 and less than $7,500 (1)(e)(ii) 70.00
Greater than $7,500 and less than $11,000 (1)(e)(iii) 120.00

Deposit Funds

$2000 or less (1)(f) 75.00
Greater than $2,000 and less than $10,000 (1)(f) 185.00
$10,000 or greater (1)(f) 360.00
Trial de novo
Note: An additional $10 fee is payable to the justice court at the time the small claims notice of appeal is filed. (§78A-8-105(4))
(1)(g)(i) 225.00
Appeal of a municipal administrative determination under §10-3-703.7 (1)(g)(ii) 65.00
Appeal, Interlocutory Appeal, or Certiorari (1)(h) 225.00
Expungement (1)(i)(i) 135.00
Judgment of other state (1)(k) 35.00
Probate or custody document of other state (1)(m) 35.00
Abstract or transcript of judgment or order of Tax Commission (1)(n)(i) 30.00
Abstract or transcript of judgment or order of Utah agencies or courts (1)(n)(ii) 50.00
Judgment by confession (1)(o) 35.00
Award of arbitration to be confirmed, modified, or vacated (1)(p) 35.00
Petition or counter petition to modify divorce decree (1)(q) 100.00


Estate valued at $50,000 or less (1)(r)(i) 15.00
Estate valued at $75,000 or less, but more than $50,000 (1)(r)(ii) 30.00
Estate valued at $112,000 or less, but more than $75,000 (1)(r)(iii) 50.00
Estate valued at $168,000 or less, but more than $112,000 (1)(r)(iv) 90.00
Estate valued at more than $168,000 (1)(r)(v) 175.00
Demand for jury in civil case (1)(s) 250.00
Notice of deposition in action pending in other state (1)(t) 35.00
Documents for judicial approval, not part of pending action (1)(u) 35.00
Petition to open sealed record (1)(v) 35.00
Writ of replevin, attachment, execution, or garnishment (1)(w) 50.00
Authorization of minor to marry (1)(x)(i) 5.00
Emancipation of a minor (1)(x)(ii) 50.00
Certificate issued under §26-2-25 (1)(y) 8.00

Certified copy

Per document (1)(z) 4.00
Per page (1)(z) .50

Exemplified copy

Per document (1)(aa) 6.00
Per page (1)(aa) .50

Utah Code Annotated §78A-2-408; Transcript Fees

Utah Code Annotated §78A-2-408. Transcripts and copies - Fees - Establishment of Court Reporting Technology Account.

Record or Service


Initial Preparation; Certified copy to requester $4.50 per page
Subsequent certified copies $.50 per page plus $4.50 for the certificate
Subsequent non-certified copies $.25 per page

Code of Judicial Administration Rule 4-202.08; Record Fees

Rule 4-202.08. Fees for records, information, and services.

Type of Record or Service



Paper (3)(A) $.25 per sheet
Microfiche (3)(B) $1.00 per card
Audio tape (3)(C) $10.00 per tape
Video tape (3)(D) $15.00 per tape
Electronic copy of data records (3)(E) $10.00 per disk
Electronic copy of stenographic notes (3)(F) $25.00 per half day of testimony
Electronic copy of audio or video records (3)(G) $10.00 per half day of testimony
Mailing (4)(A) Actual cost
Fax (4)(b) $5.00 for 10 pages or less. Additional pages are $.50 per page.
Personnel Time (5) First 15 minutes free
clerical assistant (5)(A) $15.00 per hour
technician (5)(B) $22.00 per hour
senior clerical (5)(C) $21.00 per hour
programmer/analyst (5)(D) $32.00 per hour
manager (5)(E) $37.00 per hour
consultant (5)(F) Actual cost

Public on-line services

(6)(A)(i) Set up: $25.00
  (6)(A)(ii) Subscription: $30 per month.
  (6)(A)(iii) Search: $.10 per search over 200 searches.
  (6)(C) Document: $.50 per document accessed.

Fee Waiver

The Utah State Courts mission is to provide the people an open, fair, efficient, and independent system for the advancement of justice under the law.

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