We Don’t Have a Form for That


Many forms and resources are available on our website. Visit our Court Forms page to see a complete list of all of the forms available on the Utah State Courts’ website.

If there is not a form for what you need, you can try to make your own form. This can be complicated. You might want to get legal help on how best to proceed. See our page on Finding Legal Help for more information.

If you want to make your own form, you can use the templates below. The Caption and Signature are a good place to start and are required. The Caption includes your information and the case information, and appears at the top of the form. The signature line is found at the bottom of the form. In between the caption and the signature line is where you include the information you need to provide to the court. For example, if you are creating a complaint to start a case, in this part you explain:

  • what happened (the facts),
  • what you are asking the court to do (your claims for relief — for example, to enter a judgment in your favor or order the other party to do something),
  • and why the law supports your request.

If you do not get legal help, you might need to do legal research to find the law that supports your request.

In the documents below called Complaint Multiple Claims and Complaint Injunctive Relief, you can see some examples of complaints to start a case. These might not fit your situation. If you need to do legal research to find law or guidance on how to draft papers that fit your situation, there are law libraries in Utah where you can do research yourself. Many public libraries also have basic legal handbooks that you can use to research your case. You can find the current Utah Code and U.S. Code online.


Forms (as samples only)

  • Caption and Signature - PDF | Word
  • Complaint Multiple Claims - PDF | Word
  • Complaint Injunctive Relief - PDF | Word