How do I complain about how I was treated by the court?

If you feel that someone at the courts didn’t follow the rules or treated you poorly, you can give feedback to the courts by submitting a complaint. Submitting a complaint about how you were treated is different from asking for a different result in your case. Submitting a complaint means you are asking someone at the court to investigate how you were treated or what happened in your case. Depending on what happens in the investigation, there could be disciplinary action against the person you complained about. But this won’t change the result in your case. If you don’t like the result in your case and want to know your options, see our page on Finding Legal Help or contact the Self-Help Center.

Who you complain to depends on the issue. Use this chart to find out how to make your complaint.

If your complaint is about…

Then you can…

An issue because of your disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Read more on our Accessibility Information page.

A clerk or judicial assistant

Contact the clerk of court. There are different clerks for different districts. Use the court organizational chart to find the appropriate clerk. Scroll down to the "District Org Charts."

A court commissioner

A judge

You have two options:

  1. File a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission
  2. File a public comment with the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC). The comments will be reviewed when the judge is up for retention.You can read more about how often judges are reviewed for retention on JPEC's website.

A lawyer

Read more about complaints against lawyers on our Finding Legal Help page.

A mediator on the court roster

Contact the ADR director - find out who this is by searching for "ADR Director" in the court directory.

Some other aspect of the courts

Contact the Self-Help Center.

Someone at the Self-Help Center or the Utah State Law Library

Contact the director of the State Law Library. Use the court organizational chart to find the director. Click on the "Law Library" organizational chart.