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Welcome to the Village Project


What is the Village Project?

The Village Project is a volunteer mentor program sponsored by the Third District Juvenile Court. The project serves court-involved youth in Salt Lake County.

Mentors are volunteers from the community willing to work with court involved youth. Mentors are matched with youth based on common interests and location.




  • Recruit positive adult role models to serve as volunteer mentors
  • Provide regular training sessions for volunteer mentors to help them understand & assist youth at-risk
  • Provide ongoing support for mentors as they participate in activities with youth
  • Participate in court hearings where the progress of involved youth is


Who can Become a Mentor & What is Their Commitment?

Volunteer mentors must be at least 21 years of age. They must commit to meet with their assigned youth for at least one hour each week. They must be willing to attend an initial interview and pass a criminal record check. Mentors and youth will be provided ongoing support and training by the Village Project staff members.


Who Will I be Mentoring?

Court-involved youth who are delinquent, dependent, neglected and/or abused may be assigned mentors. These youth are ordered to the program by Judges based on referrals from probation officers, referrals from other agencies and based on their willingness to participate in the program. Elementary, Middle and High School age youth may participate in the program.


A Brief History of The Village Project Program

Mentoring at Third District Juvenile Court finds its roots in the courtroom of Judge Andrew Valdez who saw the need for appropriate role models for the youth coming to his courtroom. The Village Project became a formal program in late 1994 through a three-year declining grant from the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice and has matched 450 youth with mentors. In 2000, mentors Kai and Susan Hintze from the Village Project received the Utah Mentor of the Year Award given by Governor Mike Leavitt. The Village Project has been featured on KUED, KUTV and KTVX television. The Program was named "The Village Project" based on the African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child." This program is an excellent example of successful community outreach efforts by dedicated Judges and staff.

The Village Project is an affiliate of The Utah Mentor Network.


How to Get Started

Contact the Village Project to get an application, complete a background check, and upon completion become a mentor!

Alicia Green
Mentor Coordinator



  • Application for the Village Project - PDF
  • The Village Project Mentor Brochure - PDF
  • The Village Project Mentor Policies - PDF