Judicial Conduct Commission

A strong and independent Judicial Conduct Commission is critical to a successful judiciary. The Judicial Conduct Commission is established by the Utah Constitution as an independent agency to investigate complaints alleging the unethical conduct of judges and to order appropriate sanctions. The Judicial Conduct Commission is separate and independent from the Utah court system. The Commission is comprised of four legislators, two each from the Utah State Senate and House of Representatives, three members of the public, two attorneys and two judges. The Commission does not review a judge's decisions for correctness; that is left to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. The Commission determines whether a judge's conduct violates the Code of Judicial Conduct. The Commission may reprimand, censure or suspend a judge or remove a judge from office.

Any person may file a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission. The Commission and its staff investigate the facts alleged in the complaint and, if warranted, the Commission holds a hearing. The hearings and records of the Conduct Commission are private until the case is filed with the Supreme Court, which reviews all Commission orders.

The Commission is located at:

1385 S. State St.
Suite 143
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
Telephone: (801) 468-0021
Website: www.jcc.utah.gov