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Rules of Juvenile Procedure – Comment Period Closed April 8, 2017

URJP018 Adds language regarding the ability to serve a pleading by email on an attorney who has an email account on file with the Utah State Bar. Clarifies that eFiling in the Juvenile Court’s Court and Agency Records Exchange (C.A.R.E.) does not constitute service upon a party and that an agreement to accept email service is not required to effectuate the provisions of Rule 18.

URJP037 Adds reference to the statutory provisions in Section 78A-6-1111 pertaining to limitations on the appointment of counsel for indigent parties.

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Rules of Juvenile Procedure

URJP 16. Transfer of delinquency case for preliminary inquiry. Amend. Renumber according to Supreme Court protocol.
URJP 34. Pre-trial hearing in non-delinquency cases. Amend. Technical amendment.
URJP 37. Child protective orders. Amend. Technical amendment to conform to statute.

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