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Rules of Professional Practice – Comment Period Closed October 7, 2021

CJA11-0401.  Standing Committee on Appellate Representation and the Appellate Roster. Amend.

The following is a brief summary of the rule amendments (line numbers refer to the redline version and note where the subject amendments begin). Amendments to Rule 11-401:

·       Address the creation of the Indigent Appellate Defense Division (line 12);

·       Simplify committee composition (line 33);

·       Clarify that at least one appellate brief submitted for application purposes must be in the relevant subject matter area (line 107);

·       Add a CLE requirement (line 146);

·       Add requirements for entity exempt status and clarify when an attorney falls under that exemption (line 161); and

·       Increase term limits from three to five years (lines 135 and 145).

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Rules of Professional Practice – Comment Period Closed December 16, 2018

RPP014.515. Access to disciplinary information  is amended to prohibit the Office of Professional Conduct and their staff and employees, the Ethics and Discipline Committee and their volunteers, and any special counsel from disclosing information about a disciplinary proceeding, prior to the filing of a formal complaint or the issuance of a public reprimand. Absent a protective order requiring confidentiality, the prohibition on disclosure does not apply to the person who filed the complaint or a witness.

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