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Code of Judicial Administration – Comment Period Closed June 11, 2021

CJA 11-401. Standing Committee on Appellate Representation and the Appellate Roster. Amend.

CJA11-0401. Redline version

CJA11-0401. Clean version

The following is a brief summary of the rule amendments (line numbers refer to the redline version and note where the subject amendments begin). Amendments to Rule 11-401:
  • Address the creation of the Indigent Appellate Defense Division (line 12);
  • Simplify committee composition (line 33);
  • Clarify that at least one appellate brief submitted for application purposes must be in the relevant subject matter area (line 100);
  • Add a CLE requirement (line 139);
  • Add requirements for entity exempt status and clarify when an attorney falls under that exemption (lines 16 and 154); and
  • Increase term limits from three to five years (lines 128 and 138).
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Code of Judicial Administration and Rules of Appellate Procedure – Comment Period Closes November 23, 2019

CJA11-0401.Standing Committee on Appellate Representation and the Appellate Roster. Amend.

URAP038B. Qualifications for Appointed Appellate Counsel. Amend.

URAP058. Ruling. Amend.

The following is a brief summary of the rule amendments:

  • Updates terminology in Rule 11-401 to address legislative changes;
  • Addresses in Rule 11-401 the addition to the Appellate Roster of appeals of private parental termination cases from the district court;
  • Adds a mentoring provision to Rule 11-401;
  • Adds a rolling admissions provision to Rule 11-401;
  • Addresses in Rule 11-401 the Indigent Defense Commission’s role with the committee;
  • Merges the provisions of Appellate Rule 38B into Rule 11-401;
  • Addresses in Rules 38B and 11-401 the role of attorneys’ contracts with government entities to represent indigent individuals on appeal prior to Rule 11-401’s adoption;
  • Addresses the tension between Rule 55 and the child welfare appellate roster in Rule 58;
  • Adds transparency to the Appellate Roster vetting process; and
  • Amends the Appellate Roster reconsideration process.
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