Rules of Appellate Procedure – Comment Period Closed February 2, 2020

URAP021. Filing and Service. Amend. The proposed amendments to Rules 21 and 26 incorporate Utah Supreme Court Standing Order 11 (Regarding filing documents by email). Rule 21 amendments would allow parties to file and serve papers by email, with different requirements for briefs and papers other than briefs. Paragraph (f) directs the parties on electronic signatures. The amendments in proposed paragraph (b) incorporate the Standing Order’s timing for paying fees.

URAP026. Filing and Service of Briefs. Amend. The proposed amendments to Rule 26 address email service and number of paper copies required in the appellate courts.

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One thought on “Rules of Appellate Procedure – Comment Period Closed February 2, 2020
  1. Patrick Larson

    These rules about undocumented people being allowed to practice law are absurd!!!!!! They are breaking the law. Make them become citizens 1st. you are violating the citizens of this countries rights by doing this. NO DRIVERSE LICENSE< NO VOTE< NO LAW LICENSE!!!!! are you freaking crazy or just democrat. STOP this This is Illegal in itself.Shame on you.