Rules of Civil Procedure

URCP 4. Process. Dispense with requirement that order allowing service by publication be published.
URCP 6. Time. Technical changes to conform with Rule 7.
URCP 7. Pleadings allowed, motions, memoranda, hearings, orders, objection to commissioner?s order. Removes motions to court commissioners from the scope of the rule. Establishes the maximum length of memoranda at 10 pages without leave of the court.
URCP 24. Intervention. Provides for notice to the attorney general, county attorney or municipal attorney when claiming that a statute or ordinance is unconstitutional.
URCP 62. Stay of proceedings to enforce a judgment. Clarify finality rule. This version does NOT contain the legislative amendments of HJR 16. See entry for 2004-03-02.
URCP 64D. Garnishment. Conform to statutory changes assigning collection responsibility to the Department of Workforce services.
URCP 68. Offer of judgment. Repeal and reenact. Limit liability of offeror for costs and attorney fees incurred by offeree after an offer. Establishes offeree?s responsibility for offeror?s costs.
URCP 74. Withdrawal of counsel. Replaces 4-506. Modifies content of notice/request to withdraw.
URCP 101. Domestic pretrial conferences and orders. Repeal.
URCP 106. Modification of divorce decrees. Replaces CJA 6-404. Requires petition, served as an initial complaint, to initiate action to modify divorce decree.

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Rules of Criminal Procedure

URCrP 7. Proceedings before magistrate. Incorporate provisions from Code of Judicial Administration governing detention.
URCrP 38. Trials de novo of justice court proceedings. Replaces CJA 4-608. Regulates procedures for trial de novo.

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Rules of Small Claims Procedure

URSCP 1. General provisions. Permit sanctions.
URSCP 2. Beginning the case. Technical amendments.
URSCP 3. Service of the affidavit. Adopt a general service and filing requirement.
URSCP 4. Counter affidavit. Conform small claims counter affidavit rule to permissive counter affidavit statute. Effect is that counter affidavits of more than the jurisdictional amount have to be filed as claims in the regular civil docket of the district court.
URSCP 6. Pretrial. Technical amendments.
URSCP 7. Trial. Technical amendments.
URSCP 8. Dismissal. Establishes presumption that dismissal is without prejudice to conform to civil rules.
URSCP 9. Default judgment. Technical amendments.
URSCP 10. Set aside of default judgments and dismissals. Incorporate provisions from Code of Judicial Administration governing small claims cases.
URSCP 11. Collection of judgments. Establishes procedure whereby debtor request satisfaction of judgment be entered.
URSCP 12. Appeals. Incorporate provisions from Code of Judicial Administration governing small claims cases.

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Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 4-202.08. Fees for records, information, and services. Changes fee for on-line search from per minute to per search basis.
CJA 4-611. Probable cause determinations for purposes of detention. Repeal. Procedure governed by URCrP 7.
CJA 4-801. Transfer of small claims cases. Conform to small claims amendments.
CJA 4-802. Motion to reinstate small claims proceedings. Repeal. Procedures governed by Small Claims Rule 10.
CJA 4-803. Trials de novo in small claims cases. Repeal. Procedures governed by Small Claims Rule 12.
CJA 11-101. Supreme Court’s rulemaking process. Include rules regulating the Utah State Bar in the Supreme Court?s rule making process. Adopts notice of comment period by email.
CJA 11-203. Senior justice court judges. Repeal and reenact. Adopt for senior justice court judges the similar qualifications and procedures as for senior judges of the courts of record.

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Rules governing admissions

Rule 19-7. Immunity from civil suits. Establishes immunity for testimony.
Rule 19-8. Persons Providing Information to Admission Office or Admissions-related Committees. Establishes immunity for providing information in good faith.

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