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Rules of Appellate Procedure

URAP 005. Discretionary appeals from interlocutory orders. Amend. Sets a page limit for a petition for permission to appeal and describes how relevant documents may be referenced; provides that a response to a petition for permission to appeal will not be received unless requested by the court; and provides that cross-petitions for permission to appeal are not permitted.
URAP 023. Motions. Amend. Provides that a reply may be filed no later than five days after service of the response, but allows the court to rule on the motion without awaiting a reply.
URAP 035. Petition for rehearing. Amend. Provides the circumstances under which a party may petition for rehearing.
URAP 037. Suggestion of mootness; voluntary dismissal. Amend. Provides that an appellant’s personal affidavit demonstrating that the decision to dismiss is voluntary need only be filed on a motion to dismiss for reasons other than mootness.
Supreme Court Order.

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Rules of Appellate Procedure

URAP 5. Discretionary appeals from interlocutory orders. Require petition for review of interlocutory order be filed before court will consider request for stay.
URAP 8. Stay or injunction pending appeal. Modify procedural requirements for requesting a stay pending appeal.
URAP 10. Motion for summary disposition. Technical amendments.
URAP 22. Computation and enlargement of time. Technical amendments.
URAP 25. Brief of an amicus curiae or guardian ad litem. Provide to the court more direct control over whether to permit an amicus brief.
URAP 27. Form of briefs. Require notice of incarceration and Anders brief.
URAP 35. Petition for rehearing. Prohibit petition for rehearing by amicus.
URAP 38B. Qualifications for Appointed Appellate Counsel. Establish minimum qualifications for appointed counsel in appellate cases.

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