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Utah Rules of Criminal Procedure

URCrP 12. Motions. Amend. Describes the process for motions to suppress, including the contents of the motion and whether a written response is required.
URCrP 21A. Presentence investigation reports; Restitution. Renumber from URCrP 21.5 and amend. Changes designation of PSI report from “controlled” to “protected” to conform with statute.
URCrP 27. Stays pending appeal . Amend. Requires a party to serve the Attorney General when seeking a certificate of probable cause from appellate court in a felony case.

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Rules of Criminal Procedure

URCrP 7. Proceedings before magistrate. Incorporate provisions from Code of Judicial Administration governing detention.
URCrP 38. Trials de novo of justice court proceedings. Replaces CJA 4-608. Regulates procedures for trial de novo.

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Utah Court Rules

Rules of Civil, Criminal, Appellate and Juvenile Procedure. Rules of Professional Conduct. Code of Judicial Conduct. Code of Judicial Administration.
Recodification Tracking Table. Table summarizing the repeal of provisions from the Code of Judicial Administration and the treatment of those provisions within the Rules of Civil, Criminal, Appellate and Juvenile Procedure.
URCP 5. Service and filing of pleadings and other papers. Technical changes approved by the Supreme Court but omitted from Utah Court Rules Annotated.

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