Category: Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners

Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 8. Reserved.

Article 9. Reserved. 

Article 10. Reserved. 

Article 11. Resolution of Fee Disputes for Licensed Paralegal Practitioners

URGLPP15-01101. Definitions.

URGLPP15-01102. Purpose and composition of the committee.

URGLPP15-01103. Exclusions.

URGLPP15-01104. Petition; agreement to arbitrate, answer, discovery; and extension.

URGLPP15-01105. Selection of the arbitration panel; additional claims.

URGLPP15-01106. Conduct of the hearing; evidence and civil procedure; right to counsel; right to record hearing; effect of failure to appear; postponements.

URGLPP15-01107. Award; form; service of award; judicial confirmation of award.

URGLPP15-01108. Relief granted by award; accord and satisfaction application to court; confidentiality; enforceability of award; claims of malpractice.

URGLPP15-01109. Ex parte communication between the parties and the panel members.

URGLPP15-01110. Necessary parties.

URGLPP15-01111. Exemption from future testimony and confidentiality of records and information.

URGLPP15-01112. Request and agreement to mediate fee dispute, answer.

URGLPP15-01113. Selection of mediator.

URGLPP15-01114. Matters entitled to mediation.

URGLPP15-01115. Mediation is voluntary.

URGLPP15-01116. Conduct of the mediation.

URGLPP15-01117. Confidentiality.

URGLPP15-01118. Ex parte communications with the mediator.

URGLPP15-01119. Exemption from future testimony.

URGLPP15-01120. Mediation agreement.

Article 12. Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Rules of Professional Conduct

URGLPP Preamble: A Licensed Paralegal Practitioner’s Responsibilities.

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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 6. Standards for Imposing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Sanctions

URGLPP15-0601. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0602. Purpose and nature of sanctions.

URGLPP15-0603. Sanctions.

URGLPP15-0604. Factors to be considered in imposing sanctions.

URGLPP15-0605. Imposition of sanctions.

URGLPP15-0606. Prior discipline orders.

URGLPp15-0607. Aggravation and mitigation.

Article 7. Licensing

URGLPP15-0701. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0702. Board – general powers.

URGLPP15-0703. Qualifications for licensure as a licensed paralegal practitioner.

URGLPP15-0704. Reserved.


URGLPP15-0706. Test accommodations.

URGLPP15-0707. Application; deadlines; withdrawals; postponements and fees.

URGLPP15-0708. Character and fitness.

URGLPP15-0709. Application denial.

URGLPP15-0710. Administration of the paralegal practitioner examination(s).

URGLPP15-0711. Grading and passing the paralegal practitioner examination.

URGLPP15-0712. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0713. Ethics exam.

URGLPP15-0714. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0715. Requests for review.

URGLPP15-0716. License fees; enrollment fees; oath and admission.

URGLPP15-0717. Relicensure after resignation or delicensure of Utah licensed paralegal practitioners.

URGLPP15-0718. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0719. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0720. Confidentiality.

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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 5. Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Discipline and Disability

URGLPP15-0501. Purpose, authority, scope and structure of licensed paralegal practitioner disciplinary and disability proceedings.

URGLPP15-0502. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0503. Ethics and discipline committee.

URGLPP15-0504. OPC counsel.

URGLPP15-0505. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0506. Jurisdiction.

URGLPP15-0507. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0508. Periodic assessment of licensed paralegal practitioners.

URGLPP15-0509. Grounds for discipline.

URGLPP15-0510. Prosecution and appeals

URGLPP15-0511. Proceedings subsequent to finding of probable cause.

URGLPP15-0512. Sanctions.

URGLPP15-0513. Immunity from civil suits.

URGLPP15-0514. Service.

URGLPP15-0515. Access to disciplinary information.

URGLPP15-0516. Dissemination of disciplinary information.

URGLPP15-0517. Additional rules of procedure.

URGLPP15-0518. Interim suspension for threat of harm.

URGLPP15-0519. Licensed paralegal practitioners convicted of a crime.

URGLPP15-0520. Discipline by consent.

URGLPP15-0521. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0522. Reciprocal discipline.

URGLPP15-0523. Proceedings in which licensed paralegal practitioner is declared to be incompetent or alleged to be incapacitated.

URGLPP15-0524. Reinstatement following a suspension of six months or less.

URGLPP15-0525. Reinstatement following a suspension of more than six months; relicensure.

URGLPP15-0526. Notice of disability or suspension; return of clients’ property; refund of unearned fees.

URGLPP15-0527. Appointment of trustee to protect clients’ interest when a licensed paralegal practitioner disappears, dies, is suspended or delicensed, or is transferred to disability status.

URGLPP15-0528. Appeal by complainant.

URGLPP15-0529. Statute of limitations.

URGLPP15-0530. Costs.

URGLPP15-0531. Noncompliance with child support order, child visitation order, subpoena or order relating to paternity or child support proceeding.

URGLPP15-0532. Failure to answer charges.

URGLPP15-0533. Diversion.

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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 1. Reserved

Article 2. Reserved

Article 3. Standards of Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Professionalism and Civility

URGLPP15-0301. Standards of licensed paralegal practitioner professionalism and civility.

Article 4. Mandatory Continuing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Education

URGLPP15-0401. Purpose.

URGLPP15-0402. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0403. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0404. Active status licensed paralegal practitioner: MCLE.

URGLPP15-0405. MCLE requirements for licensed paralegal practitioner on inactive status.

URGLPP15-0406. MCLE requirements for licensed paralegal practitioner on active military duty.

URGLPP15-0407. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0408. Credit hour defined; application for approval.

URGLPP15-0409. Self-study categories of accredited MCLE defined.

URGLPP15-0410. Accreditation of MCLE; attendance; undue hardship and special accreditation.

URGLPP15-0411. Board accreditation of non-approved  sponsor courses.

URGLPP15-0412. Presumptively approved sponsors; presumptive MCLE accreditation.

URGLPP15-0413. MCLE credit for qualified audio and video presentations; webcasts; computer interactive telephonic programs; writing; lecturing; teaching; live attendance.

URGLPP15-0414. Certificate of compliance; filing, late, and reinstatement fees; suspension; reinstatement.

URGLPP15-0415. Failure to satisfy MCLE requirements; notice; appeal procedures; reinstatement; waivers and extensions; deferrals.

URGLPP15-0416. Limited paralegal practitioner on active status not practicing in Utah; limited paralegal practitioner on active status engaged in full-time volunteer work in remote locations.

URGLPP15-0417. Miscellaneous fees and expenses.

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