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Rules Governing Licensed Paralegal Practitioners – Effective November 1, 2018

Article 1. Reserved

Article 2. Reserved

Article 3. Standards of Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Professionalism and Civility

URGLPP15-0301. Standards of licensed paralegal practitioner professionalism and civility.

Article 4. Mandatory Continuing Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Education

URGLPP15-0401. Purpose.

URGLPP15-0402. Definitions.

URGLPP15-0403. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0404. Active status licensed paralegal practitioner: MCLE.

URGLPP15-0405. MCLE requirements for licensed paralegal practitioner on inactive status.

URGLPP15-0406. MCLE requirements for licensed paralegal practitioner on active military duty.

URGLPP15-0407. Reserved.

URGLPP15-0408. Credit hour defined; application for approval.

URGLPP15-0409. Self-study categories of accredited MCLE defined.

URGLPP15-0410. Accreditation of MCLE; attendance; undue hardship and special accreditation.

URGLPP15-0411. Board accreditation of non-approved  sponsor courses.

URGLPP15-0412. Presumptively approved sponsors; presumptive MCLE accreditation.

URGLPP15-0413. MCLE credit for qualified audio and video presentations; webcasts; computer interactive telephonic programs; writing; lecturing; teaching; live attendance.

URGLPP15-0414. Certificate of compliance; filing, late, and reinstatement fees; suspension; reinstatement.

URGLPP15-0415. Failure to satisfy MCLE requirements; notice; appeal procedures; reinstatement; waivers and extensions; deferrals.

URGLPP15-0416. Limited paralegal practitioner on active status not practicing in Utah; limited paralegal practitioner on active status engaged in full-time volunteer work in remote locations.

URGLPP15-0417. Miscellaneous fees and expenses.

Supreme Court Order


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Rules Governing the Utah State Bar – Effective November 1, 2018

USB14-0101. Amend. Definitions.

USB14-0102. Amend. Regulation of the practice of law.

USB14-0103. Amend. Organization and management of the Bar.

USB14-0104. Amend. Admission to practice law; qualifications, enrollment, oath, and fees.

USB14-0105. Amend. Conduct of licensed lawyers and judicial officers; complaints, investigations, and discipline.

USB14-0107. Amend. Annual license, fees; disbursements of funds.

USB14-0108. Amend. Issuance of license; form.

USB14-0110. Amend. Active and inactive members of the Bar.

USB14-0111. Amend. Practicing without a license prohibited.

USB14-0112. Amend. Duties of attorneys and counselors at law.

USB14-0201. Amend. Bylaws.

USB14-0203. Amend. License categories.

USB14-0210. Amend. General.

USB14-0403. Amend. Establishment of membership of Board.

USB14-0802. Amend. Authorization to practice law.

Supreme Court Order

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Rules of Juvenile Procedure – Effective November 1, 2018

URJP011. Amended. Clarifies that a request to extend the time period for filing a petition related to a detention order shall be made specifically by motion rather than merely “a separate written request.” Eliminates outdated language regarding court forms.

URJP018. Amended. Adds the term “parents” to make the language of the rule consistent with 78A-6-109.

URJP053. Appearance and withdrawal of counsel. Amended. Clarifies standards by which both retained and court-appointed counsel may withdraw as counsel of record in juvenile court proceedings.

URJP058. Amended. Adds a reference to Chapter 37 to the statement “the court shall honor the rights and procedures accorded to victims pursuant to Title 77, Chapters 37 and 38, Victims Rights.”

Supreme Court Order

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Code of Judicial Administration – Effective November 1, 2018

CJA03-0111. Performance evaluation of senior judges and court commissioners.  Amend. 1) Clarifies when court commissioners’ annual evaluations will be completed, by whom, and what the evaluation process will entail; 2) establishes when the presiding judge will prepare a performance plan versus a corrective action plan for a court commissioner; 3) moves the Judicial Council’s certification process from August to July; and 4) replaces the active senior judge performance evaluation process in paragraph (1) with a new process in paragraph (3)(B). Amended (3)(B) provides that the surveys the Judicial Council collects from the trial court executives, the Court of Appeals Clerk of Court, the Justice Court Administrator, and the presiding judges on an active senior judge’s performance will be informed by anonymous questionnaires completed each time the senior judge completes an assignment. In the trial courts, court staff and jurors will complete the questionnaires, and in the Court of Appeals, the other judges on the panel to which the senior judge is assigned and the law clerks with whom the senior judge works will complete the questionnaires.

Judicial Council Order

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Code of Judicial Administration – Effective June 25, 2018

CJA09-0109. Presiding judges. New. Amend. Establishes the procedure for election, term of office, role, responsibilities, and authority of presiding judges, associate presiding judges, and education directors for justice courts. This rule was effective April 1, 2018 pursuant to UCJA Rule 2-205. The final version effective June 25, 2018 adds “the media” to paragraph (3)(D)(i) in conformity with the paragraph (3)(D) title.

Judicial Council Order

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Code of Judicial Administration – Effective November 1, 2018

CJA04-0202.02. Records Classification. Amend.  Allows a minor’s full name to be listed on any type of protective order, rather than initials only on adult protective orders and a full name on child protective orders.  Classifies affidavits of indigency as private record.

CJA04-0202.07. Appeals.  Amend.  Clarifies that a person may appeal a response that a record does not exist or is not maintained by the court and amends the timing for filing and responding to an appeal.

CJA04-0510.03. Qualification of ADR Providers. Amend. Updates the language of the rule to reflect the broadened scope of the new ADR ethics exam.

Judicial Council Order

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