New Probable Cause System Rolling out Statewide Will Make Access to PC Statements Easier

Dear Editors and Reporters,

The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office announced today that they will be switching over to a new Probable Cause system created by the Utah State Courts, effective Dec. 1.

Effective tomorrow, you will be able to search for PC statements on xChange. You will be able to access the same PC information that has historically come from the jails. Simply log onto xChange. Under Case Type select Probable Cause Determinations. Select District, Justice, or both courts. Then choose to search under law enforcement agency or by court district.

PC statements will be available in the same timely manner as before, if not sooner. Currently, you can search under first/last name, or select a date range to search by. Under this new system, your assignment desks will be able to do daily searches of PC statements as they come in. We hope this new system will prove more convenient and efficient to the public.

As counties roll out implementation, some jails will still be handling PC statements their old way. Here is a list of current counties that have switched over: Box Elder, Carbon, Davis, Duchesne, Grand, Iron, Kane, Morgan, Rich, San Juan, Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele and Weber.
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