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New Book – Family Law in Utah, 3rd ed.

We have just received the latest edition of Family Law in Utah by Karen Black, et al.
This substantial book (2.5″ thick) covers a wide range of Utah family law topics including marriage, property rights, divorce, annulment, separate maintenance, alimony, child support, child custody, modification and adoption.

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New Book – Neighbor Law

We’ve received the latest edition of Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries & Noise.
This Nolo book covers common problems people have with their neighbors, including fences, trees and noise (as the subtitle suggests) as well as animal problems, vehicles, trash, drug dealers and outdoor lights.
Our Law Books for Non-Lawyers handout lists other self-help books we have in the library.

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The New Bankruptcy: Will It Work For You?

This Nolo publication is useful for anyone interested in the bankruptcy laws that were passed in 2005. The author discusses how the new bankruptcy laws affect someone’s eligibility to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and provides a number of sample forms and worksheets. This book can help you determine what assets you can keep even after you have filed for bankruptcy, and the steps and costs involved.
This title and a variety of other Nolo books are located on the front counter of the library.

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