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Temporary Orders

What if you are in the middle of a divorce action but need child support now?
Parties sometimes need to have temporary orders in place while settling their disputes.
Temporary orders govern child custody and support, parent time, property distribution and other matters during the divorce or parentage proceedings. The parties must follow the temporary orders until they are changed or until final judgment in the case.
Checklists and forms for the court process of obtaining temporary orders are now available on the court website.

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Delegation of Parental or Guardian Powers

Utah law allows a parent to temporarily delegate legal authority of a minor child by completing a power of attorney form. A court-appointed guardian can delegate authority over a protected person in the same way. The delegation can last up to six months at a time. To delegate authority, the parent or guardian must complete a power of attorney form.
Information about the delegation of powers, a checklist, a power of attorney form, and a form for the revocation of the power of attorney are now available on the court website.

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Federal and State Tax Forms and Help

It’s tax season! Did you know that all federal and Utah tax forms can be found online?
The IRS has centralized all federal tax forms and publications on their website. You can search for forms or publications by number or title.
Individual Utah State income tax forms are posted on the Utah State Tax Commission’s website. This site also includes tax forms for businesses and corporate income taxes.
Need help filling out your tax forms? Utah’s free Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program offers tax income preparation at locations statewide. To find out if you’re eligible for free income tax preparation services, call 211.

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