A Brief History

Territorial History
The Utah State Law Library has existed in some form since the Utah Territory was established. In fact, Congress appropriated $5000 for the library in the same enabling act that created the territory.
It took a couple of years for the collection to be purchased, and in 1852 the territorial legislature created the position of territorial librarian, with an annual salary of $400 and an $150 for contingent expenses.

In 1890 the legislature broke up the library’s collection, directing books “more useful to the University library” be given to the University of Deseret (today’s University of Utah). Only the law-related books remained in the collection.

Utah State Library
When Utah became a state in 1896 the Territorial Library became the State Library.

Utah State Law Library
In 1957 the legislature changed the name of the library from the State Library to the State Law Library, and established a new, separate State Library.