Limited Legal Help – A Different Way to Hire a Lawyer

Many people can’t afford to hire an attorney.
Limited legal help, also known as limited scope legal representation or unbundled services is an affordable alternative to hiring an attorney to take care of your entire case, also known as full representation. Handling your case entirely on your own takes time and patience and can be confusing and frustrating. People who represent themselves in court are expected to know and follow the same rules that attorneys do.
Under a limited legal help arrangement an attorney and client agree that the attorney will provide specific services for a predetermined fee. For example, the attorney and client could agree that the attorney:
– will only advise the client about the strength of the case, or
– help draft a document, or
– review a document the client has drafted, or
– coach the client for a negotiation, or
– help with the discovery process, or
– coach the client for a hearing, or
– appear in court on behalf of the client for one hearing only, or
– any combination of these kinds of services
Not all cases are suited for limited legal help, and the idea of limited legal help is just beginning to be adopted by attorneys in Utah. Find the names of a couple of attorneys using the Utah Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Directory and talk about the possibility of hiring them to provide you with limited legal help.
Here are lists of attorneys in some areas of the state who offer limited legal help:
2nd District (Davis County – compiled by Davis County Bar Association)
4th District (Utah County – compiled by Central Utah Bar Association)
5th District (Cedar City and St. George – compiled by Southern Utah bar association)

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