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UCJA Rule 14-207 (Code of Judicial Administration)


Rule 14-207. Finances.
Rule printed on October 6, 2022 at 5:50 pm. Go to https://www.utcourts.gov/rules for current rules.
Effective: 12/15/2020

(a) Budget. The Board must prepare an annual budget that is published for comment before final adoption. The Board must adopt the budget at its first regular meeting following the reorganization meeting. No obligations may be incurred unless within the limits of the budget and within the scope of the authorized objectives of the Board. The Bar’s annual budget must include a budget for the OPC, including the salaries of OPC counsel and staff, expenses, and administrative costs. The Board must ratify the budget for the OPC approved by the Oversight Committee unless the Board petitions the Supreme Court for modifications, in which case the budget approved by the Supreme Court is final.

(b) Section dues.

(1) Bar sections may, with Board approval, charge an annual membership fee to obtain the commitment of members to section activities and to provide revenue to carry out the section’s purposes. The amount of such membership fees will be fixed by the section subject to the approval of the Board.

(2) The Bar must hold any funds raised by sections from membership fees as separately identifiable funds of the sections, and disburse to the sections as needed, to carry out the functions of the sections. Such funds may not revert to the general Bar fund at the end of the budget year, but will continue to be held as a separately identifiable fund.

(c) Disbursements.

(1) Bar funds are disbursed only in accordance with the provisions of law and by these Bylaws, and at the direction of the Board.

(2) Checking accounts must be maintained with banks to be designated by the Board in such amounts as the Board will determine.

(3) No check may be drawn on Bar funds except as the Board authorizes.

(4) Checks under $1,000 may be signed by an Executive Committee member or by the executive director. Checks over $1,000 must bear the signatures of any two Executive Committee members or any one Executive Committee member and the executive director, unless the funds come from the revolving-fund account for day-to-day operating needs, in which case a check of any amount may be signed by an Executive Committee member or by the executive director. The Board designates the size of the revolving-fund account annually and may revise this at any time.

(d) Investing funds. The Board must direct any investment of Bar funds.

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