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Rule 55

Rule 55. Transfer of minors who present a danger indetention.

The court may order the transfer of any minor age 16 yearsor older held in any detention center for minors to another place ofconfinement, including a jail or adult confinement facility which is certifiedpursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 62A-7-201, upon a showing that the minor's conductor condition endangers the safety or welfare of others in the detention center.Prior to the transfer, notice shall be given to the minor's counsel or theminor's parent, guardian or custodian in the absence of counsel, and a hearingshall be held concerning the proposed transfer. The minor shall be present atthe hearing except when the transfer is held under exigent circumstances orduring the non-working hours of the court. Under those circumstances, a hearingon the transfer shall be held within 48 hours after the transfer.