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Rule 52. Appeals.

(a) Except as otherwiseprovided by law, an appeal may be taken from the juvenile court to the Court ofAppeals from a final judgment, order, or decree by filing a Notice of Appealwith the clerk of the juvenile court within 30 days after the entry of thejudgment, order, or decree appealed from.

(b) Appeals taken from juvenilecourt orders related to abuse, neglect, dependency, termination and adoptionproceedings must be filed within 15 days of the entry of the order appealedfrom. In non-delinquency cases, a Notice of Appeal of a party who is not aminor or a state agency must be signed by each party himself or herself.

(c) An appeal from aninterlocutory order may be sought by any party by filing a petition forpermission to appeal from the interlocutory order with the Court of Appealswithin 20 days after the entry of the order of the juvenile court.

(d) The Utah Rules of AppellateProcedure shall govern the appeal process, including preparation of the recordand transcript.

(e) No separate order of thejuvenile court directing a county to pay transcript costs is required to file aRequest for Transcript in an appeal by an impecunious party who was representedduring the juvenile court proceedings by court-appointed counsel.

(f) A party claimingentitlement to court-appointed counsel has a continuing duty to inform thecourt of any material changes that affect indigent status. If at any stage inthe trial or appellate proceedings the court makes a finding that a party doesnot qualify, or no longer qualifies for indigent status, the court may orderthe party to reimburse the county or municipality for the reasonable value ofthe services rendered, including all costs.