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Rule 44. Findings and conclusions.

(a) If, upon the conclusion of an adjudicatoryhearing, the court determines that the material allegations of the petition areestablished, it shall announce its ruling. The findings of fact upon which itbases its determination may also be announced or reserved for entry by thecourt in an order as provided in these Rules. In cases concerning any minor whohas violated any federal, state, or local law or municipal ordinance, or anyperson under 21 years of age who has violated any such law or ordinance beforebecoming 18 years of age, findings of fact shall not be necessary. If, aftersuch a determination, the dispositional hearing is not held immediately and theminor is in detention or shelter care, the court shall determine whether theminor shall be released or continued in detention, shelter care or the leastrestrictive alternative available.

(b) In certification proceedings andpermanent deprivation cases, the court shall enter findings of fact andconclusions of law with specific reference to each statutory requirementconsidered, setting forth the complete basis for its determination. Suchfindings and conclusions may be prepared by counsel at the direction of thecourt, but shall be reviewed and modified as deemed appropriate by the courtprior to the court's acceptance and signing of the documents submitted bycounsel.

(c) The court may at any time during or atthe conclusion of any hearing, dismiss a petition and terminate the proceedingsrelating to the minor if such action is in the interestof justice and the welfare of the minor. The court shall dismiss any petitionwhich has not been proven.

(d) After the dispositional hearing, thecourt shall enter an appropriate order or decree of disposition.

(e) Adjudication of a petition allegingabuse, neglect, or dependency of a child shall be conducted also in accordancewith Utah Code Section 78A-6-309 and Section 78A-6-310.

(f) Adjudication of a petition to review theremoval of a child from foster care shall be conducted also in accordance withUtah Code Section 78A-6-318.