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Rule 36. Cases coordinated with the district court.

(a) Pleadings and hearings beforejuvenile court.

(a)(1) When an issue of support,custody or parent time has been transferred by the district court to thejuvenile court pursuant to Section78A-6-104, and/or a conference under Rule 100of the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure, the juvenile court shall schedule thematter for a pre-trial hearing and notify all parties. At such hearing, thejuvenile court shall consider issues relating to discovery, custody evaluationsand interim orders and shall schedule a trial hearing on all issues to betried.

(a)(2) The party filing documentsraising the issue of support, custody or parent time shall inform the court andall parties of any outstanding custody and/or parent time orders from any othercourt.

(a)(3) All pleadings and ordersprepared subsequent to the transfer shall contain the caption for the case inboth courts.

(a)(4)The rules concerningdiscovery, admissibility of evidence and standard of proof applicable to suchproceedings in the district court shall be followed in the juvenile court.

(a(5) The juvenile court mayappoint a guardian ad litem for the child in suchproceedings and assess the cost to one or both parties.

(b) Modification of priordistrict court decrees and orders.

(b)(1) Orders and decrees enteredby the juvenile court in proceedings transferred from the district court for adetermination of issues regarding custody, support and parent time shallconstitute a modification of any prior district court order or decreeconcerning such issues involving the same minor. Certified copies of suchjuvenile court orders and decrees shall contain the captions of both courts andbe filed by the prevailing party, or as otherwise directed by the court, withthe clerk of the district court for inclusion in the district court file.

(b)(2) In cases where a support,custody or parent time determination has been made by the district court andjurisdiction of the district court is continuing, and an order has been enteredin a subsequent juvenile court proceeding that is inconsistent with the priordistrict court order, on motion of any party or upon the juvenile court's ownmotion, a certified copy of the juvenile court's order shall be filed with theclerk of the district court. Certified copies of such juvenile court orders anddecrees shall contain the captions of both courts and be filed by theprevailing party, or as otherwise directed by the court, with the clerk of thedistrict court for inclusion in the district court file.