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Rule 35. Pre-trial procedures.

(a) At the commencement of the initial pre-trial hearing, if theparent, guardian or custodian appears pro se, the court shall advise theparent, guardian or custodian of the right to the assistance of counsel at allstages of the proceeding including the right to apply to the court for theappointment of counsel if indigent. If appointment of counsel is requested, thecourt may proceed to examine the parent, guardian or custodian concerningeligibility for appointed counsel or the court may continue the pre-trialhearing and require the parent, guardian or custodian to file an affidavit orother evidence as deemed appropriate by the court for a determination as toeligibility for appointed counsel.

(b) If the parent, guardian or custodian waives the right tocounsel and elects to proceed pro se, the court shall explain thenature of the action sought by the petitioner.

(c) Pursuant to Utah Code section 78A-2-803, the court shallappoint a guardian ad litem to represent any child named in a petition allegingchild abuse, child sexual abuse, neglect, or dependency which results in ajudicial proceeding.

(d) The court in its discretion or upon motion of a party mayschedule further pre-trial hearings or conferences as may be necessary toexpedite adjudication or disposition, consider discovery issues, formulate orsimplify trial issues or facilitate possible settlement negotiations.

Effective September1, 2021