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Rule33. Preliminary orders and summary proceedings.

(a)Pre-adjudication evaluations and examinations.

(a)(1)On the motion of the petitioner or any other party in open court in apost-petition hearing, or by written motion filed with the court with a proposedorder attached, the court may, prior to adjudication, order that the minor beexamined or evaluated by a physician, surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist orother competent specialist, and may order that the minor be placed in ahospital or other facility for such purpose. The motion shall state the reasonsfor the examination or evaluation and the need for an examination prior toadjudication.

(a)(2)The court may order a similar examination of the minor's parent, guardian orcustodian who is a party to the proceedings and whose ability to care for theminor is at issue, or where it is alleged that the physical, mental oremotional condition of the person is a factor in the alleged neglect, abuse ordependency of the minor. Such an order shall be issued only after notice and ahearing unless waived in writing or on the record.

(b) Emergencymedical care. Upon the petition of an interested person or agency and the sworntestimony of one or more reputable physicians alleging that emergency medicalor surgical treatment of a minor is immediately necessary and that necessaryauthorization cannot with reasonable diligence be obtained from the minor'sparent, guardian or custodian, the court may issue an ex parte orderauthorizing such treatment pending service of notice upon the parent, guardianor custodian. The testimony of the physician may be presented to the court byrecorded telephonic communication, and if not recorded, the substance shall bereduced to writing by the court for the record.

(c) Restrainingorders. At any time after the filing of a petition, on motion of any party andgood cause shown, the court may issue a temporary restraining order directing aparty to refrain from harassing, abusing, annoying, visiting or interferingwith any other party or the subject minor. The court shall schedule a hearingon the motion within 10 days unless the hearing date is extended by the courtfor good cause shown for an additional 10 day period, or unless the partyagainst whom the order is directed waives such hearing or consents to anextension for a longer period. In the hearing, the restraining order may bevacated, extended as originally issued or modified.

Effective Date: May 1, 2018