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Rule 30. Citations;Applicable Offenses and Procedures; Bail

(a)A citation issued pursuant to Utah Code section 80-6-302 shall be sufficient toinvoke the jurisdiction of the juvenile court in any offense listed in thatsection.

(b)Procedure. Whenever a citation is issued pursuant to Utah Code section 80-6-302,a copy of the citation filed with the juvenile court may be used in lieu of apetition upon which the minor may appear and admit the offense, upon which thecourt may make a disposition, or upon which the court may accept bail in lieuof appearance. If the minor fails to appear on a citation or fails to tenderthe fine as bail in cases where bail is permitted in lieu of appearance, apetition or order to show cause may be filed and further proceedings held asprovided in these rules.

(c)Where a citation has been filed with the juvenile court for an offense, theminor cited, pursuant to Utah Code section 80-6-302, shall be allowed to postbail without further court appearance except as provided in this rule.

(d)The bail amount for each such offense shall be included in a written notice ofbailable offenses in accordance with the bail/fine schedule approved by theJudicial Council. The bail amount may immediately be forfeited as a fine andshall be deemed a conviction of the offense charged if the notice has beengiven to the cited minor and the notice advises the minor and the minor'sparent, guardian or custodian that payment of the fine constitutes an admissionof guilt.

(e)A juvenile court district may, or where required by statute shall, designaterepeat offenses for which an appearance or additional bail is required.

(f)In other circumstances, a minor in a detention facility may have a right tobail pursuant to Utah Code section 80-6-207.

Effective September 7,2021