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Rule 29B. Hearings withRemote Conferencing from a Different Location

?(a) In any delinquency proceeding orproceeding under Title 80, Chapter 6, Part 5, Transfer to District Court, thecourt, on its own initiative or on motion, may conduct the following hearingswith the minor or the minor's parent, guardian, or custodian attending byremote conferencing from a different location:

(1) contempt;

(2) detention;

(3) motion;

(4) review; and

(5) warrant.

(b)In any delinquency hearing or hearing under Title 80, Chapter 6, Part 5,Transfer to District Court other than those in paragraph (a), the court, forgood cause and on its own initiative or on motion, may permit a party or aminor's parent, guardian, or custodian to attend a hearing by remoteconferencing from a different location.

(c)For good cause, the court may permit testimony in open court by remoteconferencing from a different location if the party not calling the witnesswaives confrontation of the witness in person.

(d)The remote conference must enable:

(1) a party and theparty's counsel to communicate confidentially;

(2) documents,photos and other things that are delivered in the courtroom to be deliveredpreviously or simultaneously to the remote participants;

(3) interpretationfor a person of limited English proficiency; and

(4) a verbatimrecord of the hearing.

(e)If the court permits remote conferencing, the court may require a party to makethe arrangements for the remote conferencing.

Effective September 1,2021