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Rule 29B. Hearings withremote conferencing from a different location.

(a) In any delinquency proceedingor proceeding under Section 78A-6-702or Section 78A-6-703, the court, on its own initiativeor on motion, may conduct the following hearings with the minor or the minor'sparent, guardian, or custodian attending by remote conferencing from adifferent location:

(a)(1) contempt;

(a)(2) detention;

(a)(3) motion;

(a)(4) review;and

(a)(5) warrant.

(b) In any delinquency hearing orhearing under Section 78A-6-702or Section 78A-6-703 other than those in paragraph(a), the court, for good cause and on its own initiative or on motion, maypermit a party or a minor?s parent, guardian, or custodian to attend a hearing byremote conferencing from a different location.

(c) For good cause, the court maypermit testimony in open court by remote conferencing from a different locationif the party not calling the witness waives confrontation of the witness inperson.

(d) The remote conference mustenable:

(d)(1) aparty and the party?s counsel to communicate confidentially;

(d)(2) documents,photos and other things that are delivered in the courtroom to be deliveredpreviously or simultaneously to the remote participants;

(d)(3) interpretationfor a person of limited English proficiency; and

(d)(4) averbatim record of the hearing.

(e) If the court permits remoteconferencing, the court may require a party to make the arrangements for theremote conferencing.

Effective November 1, 2016