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Rule 29

Rule 29. Multiple county offenses.

(a) When a minor is charged in a petition with thecommission of offenses in more than one county, all proceedings except thetrial may take place on all charges in the county in which the petition isfiled.

(b) If a minor denies some or all of the charges for thoseoffenses committed outside the county in which the arraignment takes place, thecourt may enter such denial and set the matter for a pre-trial conference, orrefer such charges to the prosecuting attorney for the county in which theoffenses are alleged to have occurred. If the offenses are alleged to haveoccurred in a county which is within the same judicial district, the arraigningcourt may order that the matter be scheduled for trial in that county.

(c) Out of county charges may be included in a proposedpleas agreement as provided in Rule 25. Such charges shall not be dismissed bythe court except on motion of the prosecuting attorney for the county where theoffenses are alleged to have occurred, or on the court's own motion as part ofa plea agreement approved by the court.

(d) Where charges are referred to another county for furtherproceedings, the clerk of the court where the petition was filed shall transmitall pertinent documents, including the petition, summons, minutes and orders tothe receiving court clerk. The receiving court shall proceed with the case asif the petition had been originally filed and arraignment held in that court.