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Rule 28

Rule 28. Scheduling of minors' cases.

(a) Proceedings concerning alleged violations of law shallbe scheduled and conducted separately for each minor except as providedhereafter.

(b) Where more than one minor is involved in the same lawviolation or criminal episode, and all such minors are apprehended and chargedat or about the same time, proceedings may be consolidated and heard togetherbefore the same judge. However, if any party objects to consolidation on therecord or in writing, remaining proceedings shall be heard separately as to theobjecting minor. The court may, for good cause shown, order that any suchseparate hearings be held with respect to disposition whether requested or not.

(c) Proceedings with respect to minors in the same family orhousehold, even when they do not involve allegations of the same law violationsor criminal episode, may be consolidated unless objected to by any party. Inthat event, the court shall schedule separate hearings to protect the interestof the objecting party as appears appropriate.

(d) Where a minor is named in a petition which allegesviolations of the law and in a separate petition alleging other grounds forjurisdiction, such as dependency or neglect, the petitions may be consolidated.