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Rule 27. Fingerprinting, photographing, and regulatingdiscovery; HIV testing.

(a) Minors in Custody. A motion to photograph or fingerprint achild under the age of 14 who is taken into custody for the alleged commissionof an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult, may be grantedupon such terms as the court shall order. The court may make any further orderit deems necessary as to the disposition of any fingerprints and limitationsregarding their disclosure or distribution pursuant to Utah Codesection 80-6-608.

(b) Discovery Procedures with Minors. Upon motion and notice tothe minor's counsel, or to the minor's parent, guardian or custodian in theabsence of counsel, and upon a showing that the discovery sought will be ofmaterial aid in determining whether the minor committed the alleged offense,the court may order a minor to submit to one or more of the investigativeprocedures listed in Utah Rule of Criminal Procedure 16. Whenever the personalappearance of the minor is required for any ordered discovery procedure, theprosecuting attorney shall inform the minor's parent, guardian or custodian andcounsel of the time and place of the procedure.

(c) Medical Supervision. Blood tests shall be conducted undermedical supervision. The court may require medical supervision for any othertest ordered pursuant to this rule when the court deems such supervisionnecessary. Upon motion, the court may order the minor's appearance delayed fora reasonable time or may order that tests take place at the minor's residenceor some other convenient place.

(d) Notice of Results of Disclosure. The prosecuting attorneyshall make the results of the discovery procedures provided by this ruleavailable within 5 days from the date the results become known to the minor,unless otherwise ordered by the court.

(e)HIV Testing. HIV testing shall be conducted as provided in Utah Code section80-6-608.

EffectiveSeptember 1, 2021