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Rule 26. Rights of minors in delinquency proceedings.

(a) A minor who is the subject of a delinquency petition filedpursuant to Utah Code section 78A-6-103 or a criminal information filedpursuant to Utah Code section 78A-6-103.5 shall be advised of the followingrights:

?(1) to appear in person and todefend in person or by counsel;

?(2) to receive a copy of thepetition which contains the allegations against the minor;

?(3) to testify in the minor's ownbehalf;

?(4) to be confronted by thewitnesses against the minor;

?(5) to have compulsory process toensure the attendance of witnesses in the minor's behalf;

?(6) to be represented by appointed counselat all stages of the proceedings;

?(7) to remain silent and to beadvised that anything the minor says can and will be used against the minor inany court proceedings; and

?(8) to appeal any adjudicationagainst the minor in the manner provided by law.

??(b) Parties other than the minor have theright to be represented by counsel retained by them and to participate asprovided in these rules.

(c) A minor may notwaive the right to counsel before:

(1) the minor has consulted withcounsel; and

(2) the court issatisfied that in light of the minor's unique circumstances and attributes:

(A) the minor's waiver is knowing and voluntary; and

(B) the minor understands the consequences of the waiver.

EffectiveSeptember 1, 2021