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Rule 19B. Motions forexpedited hearings.

(a) A party mayrequest an expedited hearing on any motion or petition filed with the court byfiling a verified motion. The verified motion shall state with particularitythe issues to be considered at the expedited hearing, the reasons an expeditedhearing is necessary, and what efforts, if any, have been made to notify theother party of the request for expedited hearing.

(b) The court may grant a motion for expedited hearing onan ex parte basis.

(c) A motion for expedited hearing shall be granted if thefacts alleged in the motion demonstrate good cause for an expedited hearing andotherwise appears appropriate.

(d) If the court grants the motion for expedited hearing,the hearing shall be set within ten days of the order.

(e) If the motion for an expedited hearing is granted, themoving party shall serve notice of the hearing upon all interested parties.

Effective Date:?November 1, 2017